El Dorado

MrsMe Wonderlust bedroom Eldorado 1920x1200

About setting El Dorado

The illustrious myth of El Dorado comes alive, transforming the bedroom into a realm of splendour and sophistication. An alluring, gold coloured bedspread is the setting’s focal point, accentuated by a lush black throw and plain and patterned cushions.A place to rest, to dream and treasure a unique style and the comforts of home. 
Mrs.Me weaves magic.

Available items from this setting


Memoir Bedspread

Poly cotton metal
€ 655.00

Memoir Cushion

Poly cotton metal
€ 109.00

Pavilion Midnight Cushion

Vegan leather
€ 135.00

Foliage Black Cushion

Recycled PL
€ 99.00

Couture Graphite Stitch Duvet cover set

Cotton percale
From € 199.00

Solo pillow Archetype Pillows & Neckrolls

Cotton Percale
From € 59.00

Fly Black Throws & Blankets

€ 279.00

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