MrsMe bedspread Porter SilverMoss
MrsMe bedspread Porter SilverMoss close1
MrsMe bedspread Porter SilverMoss
MrsMe bedspread Porter SilverMoss close1

Porter Silver Moss

Velvet polyester | padded bed-end spread
€ 485.00

Bed-end spread Porter Silver Moss displays a captivating range of tonal values in its shades. Its rugged appearance is a result of the heavy velvet fabric, which features a regular pattern of large squares. The bed-end spread is of impressive size, measuring 135x300 cm. It comes in Silvermoss on one side and a Sage color on the reverse side.

Fabric frontVelvet polyester
Colour frontSilver moss
Fabric reversePolyester
Colour reverseSage melee
Size135x300 cm
Item no.377.1L

Combine with

Along with a bed-end spread, you can enhance the visual appeal of your bed by incorporating matching decorative pillows made from the same materials. These pillows, crafted from the same fabric as the bed-end spread, create a coordinated and cohesive look. 

Matching cushion available

About this item

Bed-end spread Porter is showcased in the stunning setting of Buyan, which is a part of the Wonderlust collection. Buyan is a legendary island in Slavic folklore, believed to be a place of great mystery and wonder, hidden away from the mortal world. As per the legend, only the most determined and courageous travelers can find Buyan by navigating treacherous seas and overcoming fierce guardians to reach its shores.

Bed-end spread Porter in 140x300 cm features a captivating range of tonal values in its shades, which add to its rugged appearance. The heavy velvet fabric is stitched in a regular pattern of large squares, making it a spread of impressive stature and generous dimensions. It comes in Silver Moss on one side and a Sage reverse.

This tactile bed-end spread can be perfectly matched with decorative cushion Porter. Buyan remains an endless source of inspiration for this extraordinary piece of home decor.
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