MrsMe setting Dawn 1920x1200

About this setting

Mrs.Me creates Dawn, an idyllic scenery weaving excellent fabrics of precious yarns and subtle tones into mesmerizing combinations. A reversible linen bedspread in soft palettes of rose and grey. Cushions showing wonderful patterns of foliage and wood. A luscious duvet cover set in magical white. A breeze of stunning details. Setting Dawn is a vision of tranquility and enchantment.

Available items from this setting


Celeste Bedspread

€ 495.00

Contour taupe ribtape Duvet cover set

Cotton percale
From € 239.00

Contour Taupe Ribtape Pillows & Neckrolls

Cotton Percale
From € 59.00

Trunk Blush Cushion

Jaquard velours
€ 99.00

Leaves Blush Cushion

Jaquard velours
€ 89.00

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Mrs.Me is a home couture brand with a modern, international style and is sold in shops specialized in contemporary interior design, quality beds and bed linens. Our products can also be found online.

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