MrsMe bedroom Parlour 1920x1200

About setting Parlour

With setting Parlour we celebrate modern European styling with an authentic Asian touch!
Distinguished bedding, inspired by genuine kimono’s and obi’s and the graceful ritual of old ceremonies,
treasured in carefully designed covers with a subtle shine and cushions of silk and brocade.
Sleep is peaceful and soothing in a bedroom decorated with refined materials in delicate shades.

Available items from this setting


Supreme Cushion

Cotton viscose melange
€ 89.00

Nick Graphite Throws & Blankets

€ 359.00

Supreme Bedspread

Cotton viscose melange
€ 495.00

Lord Rose quartz Cushion

Polished velvet
€ 139.00

Obi Cushion

Vintage brocade
€ 109.00

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Mrs.Me is a home couture brand with a modern, international style and is sold in shops specialized in contemporary interior design, quality beds and bed linens. Our products can also be found online.

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