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About setting Faye

Faye Dunaway immortalized the colour Camel in 1976 through her vivacious role in the film Network. Ever since, this stylish shade has rarely left the international catwalks. Mrs.Me celebrates the timeless charm of Camel in blankets and bed-end spreads, and gives it a modern twist in cushion Webster. Executed in raffia, Webster is a versatile accessory for bedroom, lounge and terrace. Cushion James, in a longhaired cow skin, is available in camel, olive and burgundy; piled together it forms a sparkling trio.

Available items from this setting


Tyler Camel Bedspread

Wool acrylic melange
€ 469.00

Tyler Camel Cushion

Wool acrylic melange
€ 89.00

Wire Duvet cover set

Cotton percale
€ 249.00