• Glass House Gallery Bedroom
  • Glass House Lodge Bedroom


The Glass House Collection has been expanded with two new settings.


Mrs.Me shows stunning new work at the Gallery. Both visitors and masterpieces are joyful and vibrant, as they join in a show of visual enlightenment. Daring canvases, contemporary, yet with a touch of nostalgia, in tones of blue, green and white. Eye-catching linens, sculptured fabrics and delicate collages, mysteriously taking shape in the artist’s hands.


Mrs.Me keeps the fire burning in the heart of setting Lodge. Blissful hideaway for urban night-owls and cosmopolites. Nature resides in murmuring cascades, the whisper of alpaca and a touch of velvet moss. Deep within the secretive woods Lodge unveils a variety of natural colours and firm fabrics with a tender glint.

  • Mrs.Me new product cushion Cascade Light Petrol debossed velours
  • Mrs.Me new product duvetcover set washed sateen celadon Stilo
  • Mrs.Me new product blanket Archive Blueberry
  • Mrs.Me new product cushion Forest
  • Mrs.Me new product bedspread Cargo Sage
  • Mrs.Me new product cushion Cascade Olive debossed velours


A new season, a new look!


Shades of green: celadon, olive, eucalyptus and sage.
Shades of blue: petrol, ice, blueberry and shadow.
Naturals: chalkwhite and off white.


The beautiful blend of daring materials, such as soft washed cotton sateen and bio-linen, debossed velvet, gives cushions and bedspreads a no-nonsense look and feel.